A "dedicated", "versatile writer" and "confident" journalist.

About me

As a graduate student in Journalism and Political Science, it has always been my drive to approach information in a critical manner and to positively engage with my community. Some may call it idealistic, but I believe that the actions of an individual can make a difference in the world, and it is through journalism that I have found the medium through which I intend to leave my mark.

Appearances and Publications

“Estefania frequently went beyond what was required in researching her stories and in working to improve her writing. She is a versatile writer and has a wide range of interests.”

- Dr. Gavin Evans, LSJ Lecturer and Sports Correspondent for BBC World Service

“Estefania has displayed a consistent dedication to accuracy and quality, making her an invaluable editor. She is highly skilled, easy to work with, and ambitious.”

- Will Ross, Former Coordinating Editor at The Peak

“I found Estefania a confident and lively student. Her news judgement is sensible, and she showed an excellent grasp of digital editing techniques.”

- Colin Parkes, Former Assistant Editor, BBC Radio News

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